3D Nutrition Performance Gloves - With Straps [Black]

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Our 3D Nutrition Performance Gloves are designed for those who are serious about weight lifting. Designed with a 3D-fit technology to help increase your performance in the gym and to provide a more comfortable grip on the bar! Our 3D Nutrition Performance Gloves also contain an essential wrist support to help protect your wrist from unnecessary strain.


  • Enjoy More Comfortable Workouts
  • Protect Your Hands Against The Weights
  • Designed For Serious Lifters
  • Designed With A 3D-Fit Technology
  • Added Wrist Support


  • Hand wash sleeves with a soft detergent. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • Place sleeves between two towels and pat them down. Allow to air dry by placing them flat or hanging up.