Nutritech Whey Protein Isolate [1kg]

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NUTRITECH ELITE SERIES WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – Not all whey proteins are the same… the primary difference between whey protein concentrate and isolate is the amount of protein, lactose and fat. Whey protein isolate in raw form is over 90% protein and contains roughly 0.5% lactose and milk fat. Whey isolate is especially beneficial for you if you are lactose intolerant and cannot digest the lactose in whey protein.

NUTRITECH WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE has been formulated as a single source protein, making use of ultra‐filtered whey protein isolate, with 27g of protein per single serving (85%). An exceptional choice of protein by any athlete, whey protein isolate is whey protein concentrate which is further filtered to remove the majority of the remaining lactose, carbohydrates and fat, providing a purer source of protein in raw form. The high protein intake has been designed to provide the ideal environment to support lean muscle growth, recovery and strength gains. NUTRITECH WHEY

PROTEIN ISOLATE is instantized, fast absorbing and perfect to gulp down post workout.


  • Mix 2 scoops with 200 ml of water or milk in a NUTRITECH shaker
  • Take 1 to 3 servings per day. Use within 20 minutes of exercise
  • To add more protein to your diet, take 2 scoops before exercise and between major meals


Consult your health care professional prior to use. Use this product as a food supplement only. Keep out of reach of children, not intended for individuals under the age of 18.